Book launch presentation

Videos of Dr. Ted Chu speaking on our transhuman potential

In this three-part videotaped series, economist and philosopher Ted Chu presents his new book along with his original theory of “transhuman economics.” The occasion was his book-launch event on March 23, 2014 on the Universe Spirit yacht ( at anchor in Northern California. Professors at four Bay Area universities were present, in addition to other prominent thinkers, writers, and teachers.

Part 1:  28 min

Part 2:  27 min

Part 3:  42 min

After Ted’s presentation, the yacht embarked on a twilight cruise on the San Francisco Bay. In this sillouette still shot,  Ted (on right) confers with Lawerence Wollersheim, executive director of and cohost of the book-launch along with publisher Byron Belitsos. The yacht is heading toward the Golden Gate Bridge. Lawence’s own detailed response to Ted’s work, which he calls “evolutionary transhumanism,” can be found here.

Ted and Lawrence 00_0008_2014-03-23_184354